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  • Report A - BroadScreen with Hits, Education Verification, SSN Check
  • Report B - BroadScreen, SSN Check
  • Report C - BroadScreen, SSN Check


Child Protection Package
$9.00 per check for United Methodist Insurance members, $12.50 per check for non-members

  • Instant Multi State Criminal and Multi State Sexual Predator Data Search
  • Instant Social Security Trace

Child Protection Package Plus
$14.50 per check for United Methodist Insurance members, $18.00 per check for non-members*

  • Instant Multi State Criminal and Multi State Sexual Predator Data Search
  • Instant Social Security Trace
  • Motor Vehicle Report

*Plus Applicable State Fee

Additional Products

  • Manual Social Security: $3.00
  • Manual Consumer Credit Report: $9.00
  • Manual County Criminal Searches: $9.00
  • Federal Criminal Searches: $9.00
  • Instant Credit Report for Employment Purposes: $9.00
  • Employment Verification: *$12.00
  • Education Verification: *$12.00
  • Professional Licensing: *$12.00

*Automated service fees additional


Instant Social Security Trace

Acting as an identifier, this search reveals present and past addresses, employers and aliases. This trace would make you aware of any incongruous applicant information.

  • Reveals any contradictory information, allowing you better evaluation of applicant

Search time for Social Security Trace is instantaneous!

Manual Social Security Number Verification

This product differs from the instant Social Security Number search in that it is a manual search and the Social Security Number only is verified. Rather than being tied with a name or date of birth, a manual Social Security verification is done by calling the IRS, and the Social Security Number is either confirmed or denied. The verified number is not tied to a name, but only confirmed that it is a valid Social Security Number.

This application only provides:

  • A YES or NO verification that the Social Security Number is valid

Instant Consumer Credit Report for Employment

This Report is provided in strict compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Its use is restricted for employment purposes only. Credit history will provide an employer insight into an applicant’s character. Credit checks are a valuable resource and are recommended for employees that are being considered for financial positions or positions that handle cash.

What will the Credit Report contain?

  • Name
  • Address
  • Social Security Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Employer

There are three major credit bureaus in the United States, Experian, TransUnion, and C.S.C. Equifax. Trak-1 utilizes resources from Equifax for all credit reports.

Search time for the Trak-1 Consumer Credit report is instantaneous!

Beacon Score can be added for only $1.00 Extra! What is the Beacon Score? The Beacon Score is a numeric system of scoring credit reliability that is used by the Equifax credit reporting agency.

  • Information considered in formulating the Beacon Score are:
    • Payment history, including tardy payments, missed payments and collection matters and judgments that can be discovered through public records
    • The level of debt carried in all credit accounts
    • Length of credit history
    • The number of recent and new credit report requests and accounts
    • Type of credit accounts.

Important Note: By law, a consent form must be signed by an applicant prior to obtaining credit report information.

Manual Consumer Credit Report

This product is a fax-based service. The information is requested and received via fax rather than on-line. All information will flow through the Trak-1 Corporate office in Tulsa, OK.

Instant and Non-Instant Company Credit Checks

There are multiple levels of credit reporting available for companies to check on their prospective clients (other companies). For clarification of product and product availability, please contact us.

Instant State Criminal and Sexual Offender Search

State criminal searches are available for all States, and provide a statewide search for misdemeanors and felonies. State searches are beneficial, but are only as accurate as the counties that report to the state. Not all counties report to the state agency in a timely manner.

In most states, search includes felony and misdemeanor conviction records. Most states also show the defendant’s name, date of birth, race, sex, hair color, eye color, scars, marks, tattoos, aliases, county, offenses and time served of selected offenders.

  • 45 State Criminal Searches are Instantaneous
  • 5 states manual. Typical return time is 24 hours, however, some states may take longer
  • A complimentary instant Sexual Offender Search is available with all Criminal Searches

Our use of a combination of direct on-line accessibility of Sexual Offender Records, as well as direct research, allows us to obtain the most up-to-date and accurate information available.

Instant Multi-State Criminal and Sexual Offender Search

Multi-State Criminal Searches are comprised of information provided from various state reporting agencies including, but not limited to, the Department of Public Safety, Department of Corrections, Administrator of the Courts, County Municipal Records and State Bureaus of Investigation. Information provided includes subject description, felony and misdemeanor charges, convictions, file date, and disposition, when available. Search currently includes 43 states for criminal search and 50 states from the Sexual Offender Registry.

All Trak-1 Criminal Searches also include the O.F.A.C. (Office of Foreign Assets Control) search which provides information regarding individuals and companies owned or controlled by, or acting for or on behalf of, targeted countries. It searches for information regarding individuals such as terrorists and narcotics traffickers.

  • Includes a comprehensive, easy to read summary of an official criminal report
  • Includes a national search for felonies, misdemeanors, and convictions from every state that is reporting (see Criminal Background Data, section 3.1 for details)

*Search time for the Trak-1 National Criminal and Sexual Offender Search is instantaneous!

Manual County Criminal Records Search

County Criminal Searches remain the most accurate source of reporting criminal records. Trak-1 researches potential criminal records for each applicant on a county-by-county basis as set forth in client’s criteria. Prices and response time can fluctuate depending on the county requested. For example, 20 counties in New York cost $52.

While county criminal searches that are not included in our national search remain manual, some of them are available on-line, while others are only accessible through runners. A manual on-line search takes one of our verifiers 3-30 minutes. A manual runner search typically takes 24 hours, however, the manual runner process can take up to 72 hours.

Instant and Non-Instant Motor Vehicle Report (MVR)

Motor Vehicle Reports provide a wealth of personal data that can be used for cross-reference, and criminal offenses pertaining to motor vehicles which may not be revealed by other criminal checks. MVR reports are highly recommended on all applicants, especially those who drive company vehicles or use their personal vehicle for company purposes. Motor vehicle reports are restricted by law and may only be used for screening job applicants as defined by the FCRA, under permissible purpose.

These reports are now available in most states instantaneously. Manual MVR’s typically take 24-72 hours, depending on state. A faxed copy of the applicant’s consent is necessary in some states. States include:

New Hampshire


In California, MVR’s may not be sold individually, but must be included in a package deal.

  1. Trak-1 can only provide MVR reports to established commercial customers, and customers are required to obtain an authorized signature from each applicant for each request.

Workers' Compensation Report

Workers'’ Compensation reports provide information on an applicant regarding previous injuries occurring in a work place by searching prior Workers'’ compensations claims. These reports are useful in showing proof of previous injury, however, by law, cannot be used to discriminate against hiring an individual. Furthermore, these checks are not available in some states.

What is supplied in a Workers'’ Compensation Report?

  • Injury date and time
  • Nature of injury
  • Body part(s) involved
  • Medical Status
  • Adjudication Dates (if applicable)
  • Type of Settlements (if applicable)

Trak-1 Verifications

Employment Verification and History:
We verify dates of employment, position, salary, and reason for leaving and we also obtain a recommendation. Process completion time typically ranges from 24-72 hours.

Supervisor Reference:
Our verification staff can additionally interview an employee’s previous or current supervisor to attain vital information relating to attendance and performance. All information attained is in strict accordance with your criteria. Process completion time typically ranges from 24-72 hours.

Education Verification and Credentials:
An estimated one-third of all employment applicants falsify information about their educational background. Our research analysts contact the applicant’s indicated registrar’s office to verify the dates of attendance, area of studies, and degrees attained. Process completion time typically ranges from 24-72 hours.

Professional Licensing:
It is not uncommon for applicants to misrepresent themselves as being the holder of a state or federally issued professional license. Our researchers contact the applicable governing body and verify the required information pertaining to the issuance of any particular license. Process completion time typically ranges from 24-72 hours.

*We cannot make international calls on verifications

Personal Reference:
Interviews are conducted with individuals indicated on a prospective employee’s application. Results are then summarized and reported to you. Process completion time typically ranges from 24-72 hours.

*All verification information will be entered into Trak-1 system, upon completion, and e-mail is sent to contact person at client informing them that their full report is now available to view on-line.

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